Daily Express

The Daily Express speaks for and crusades for the British people. It covers world and domestic news in depth and with style; with its team of trenchant and witty commentators also offering their take on current events. Each day it provides a rich and zesty menu of features, sport, health, money matters, property, travel, colourful photo-journalism and entertainment, along with it’s much loved puzzles and crosswords. It is a distinctly modern and women-friendly publication, and also an upholder of those middle-class values and traditions that so often seem under threat. The Daily Express is proud to be the voice of middle Britain.

Magazines are now a vital part of the weekend newspaper package. The Daily Express Saturday magazine has over 800,000 readers, most of them affluent shoppers. The TV content of the magazine is second to none, with the essential seven-day guide to the daily programme schedules complemented by in-depth interviews, fashion and beauty features, and the latest word from the world of food and drink, property and entertainment.

The red Crusader logo, which first appeared on the masthead of the Daily Express in 1933, is one of the most enduring and distinguished newspaper logos and symbolises our commitment to free speech and the newspaper’s crusade for values.