Northern & Shell Ventures

Northern & Shell Ventures (NSV) is the Group’s division focusing on young and innovative companies that have already reached a certain level of market maturity and are in an ideal position to benefit from enhanced media exposure. We have a media-for-revenue and a media-for-equity business model that give companies advertising in return for revenue-sharing or equity. The focus is on companies with scalable business models that have already proven their fundamentals (cost per acquisition, conversions, average revenue per customer, etc) but are still at an early stage of development and ready to move to the next level with the help of the Group’s advertising inventory.

NSV can help these companies with a flexible model comprising a mix of revenue share and equity depending on each individual situation. The primary focus is on start-ups and young companies with products or services of general appeal to the UK mainstream audience.

Please send us an email with your business plan if you are interested in submitting your company for consideration.